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Franklin VillageWhere the Stars and Styles Collide

It’s easy to forget about Franklin Village only because it’s tucked away north of Hollywood between Beachwood and Bronson, but once you’ve hung out in the area a few times — you get hooked.

It’s one of the few places that close to Hollywood that has a genuine village/neighborhood feel. The main part of the village spans a single block, but packs a mean punch for such a small stature. Here’s a quick list of what you need to check out in Franklin Village. Once you visit, you’re going to start craving it, and wishing to be within walking distance of the adorable little hamlet.


A classy French bistro, a tavern made for sipping, or a ruckus neighborhood bar — it’s kind of a choose your own adventure. Stars come here to hang out to get away from the annoyingness of other Hollywood spots. I saw Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner sitting together once outside on a sidewalk table, and that was almost too much cool for a person to handle.


A similar crowd as La Poubelle, with a slight lean to the side of affordability and comfort food. Themed from Hitchcock’s famous Birds film, it’s one of the best places to get chicken in the whole area. They also have a killer late night happy hour, and you can drink pretty cheap here considering your surroundings in Franklin Village.


This place is relatively new, but offers a transport to those charming taverns and chowder houses of New England and the east coast. A great beer and drink selection, and delicious food.


Who doesn’t like a good old record and book shop? Well, this is classic Franklin Village. You’ll find rows and rows of movies on VHS, records, book, CD’s, and DVD’s. You could spend hours in this store easily, and the prices are super reasonable.


Franklin Village’s local coffee shop is unique even for Franklin Village. It’s a beautiful vintage setting when you walk in, and a quaint little counter with good coffee and pastries. The interesting part is the dark room in the back, which has been dubbed one of the prefect places to nurse a hangover, and just get into your own world.


If you weren’t already sold on the neighborhood feel of Franklin Village, wander over to the Daily Planet on the west side corner of the block. It’s a classic newspaper stand! You’ll also find a great collection of eclectic gifts, providing a prefect book end for Franklin Village.

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Franklin Village
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