We Were Featured!!

We Were Featured!!

Do you read our local Echo Park Patch? We do! And reporter Oliva Halevy recently wrote about us, your favorite local real estate team!

Here’s some highlights from the article:

Patch: What attracted you to the line of work you’re in, and how did you get started?

Reeves-Costa: Real estate is in my blood. My dad has always been an investor and he owned a mortgage brokerage for years. While attending university, I lived in and managed one of his buildings and made calls at night for the loan officers at his firm. I have a genuine love for people and I’m addicted to making miracles happen. I’m extremely competitive and obsessed with Los Angeles’ landscape and architecture. This career combines all of my loves and wraps them into one neat package. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better career.

Patch: How would you say your business or organization distinguishes itself from the others?

Reeves-Costa: When I decided to name the team the LA Home Girl team, it was born out of the spirit of friendship and the bond I form with our clients. While I am a girl and I sell homes, I care deeply about the future and well being of everyone I am involved with in each transaction. We used the Webster Dictionary’s definition as our play on words:

Definition of homegirl. 1 :a girl or woman from one’s neighborhood, hometown, or region; broadly :a female friend. 2 :a girl or woman who is a member of one’s peer group.

Patch: Are there any new projects or endeavors you’re working on that you’re extra excited about?

Reeves-Costa: We are pretty involved in our east side community. We are most excited about the Glassell Park Christmas Tree Lighting and the Echo Park Community Parade. Our team hosts a huge buyer seminar twice a year and we have one coming up this week.

We also direct an east side networking group called WIN Networking, which supports PATH and we volunteer for local organizations: the Alliance of Moms and GiveBack Homes.

Check out the entire article on Patch!

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