Choosing The Right Home For You


There are many factors to consider when looking for a home. Listed below are some of the factors.

Types of homes – There are many different types of homes: single-family, condominium, townhouse, and duplex. Additionally, the type of home you select may impact your buying power.

New or existing home – Consider whether you want to move into a new home or an existing home. In general, new homes are more costly than existing homes. However, the condition of an existing home can significantly increase your maintenance requirements.

Quality of home – Examine the condition of the home. Carefully inspect the structure, interior and exterior of the house for defects. The additional renovation costs may add up over time and exceed your maintenance estimates. Will the house need a lot of repairs? How old are the appliances? The purchase of the home is one step, but the renovations and repairs are added costs that need to be considered. Would you prefer to purchase a newer, costlier home or would you prefer to invest additional time and money into renovations and repairs for an older, less expensive home?

Features – Consider the features of the home. Does it have gas or electric heating? How many bathrooms does it have? How many bedrooms do you need? All of these characteristics will influence the price of the home and your monthly housing expenses.

Location – Would you rather live in the city, the country, or the suburbs? Do you want to be near parks or the library? What about a shopping center? Is it important for you to be near major highways or public transportation? Get a feel for the surrounding area by exploring the neighborhood and talking to residents.

Crime rate – Look into the safety of the neighborhood. Does the neighborhood have a high crime rate? Has there been an increase in crimes committed in the area? If so, how will this influence the future property value of your home?

School system – The quality of the school system in a particular area is not only important to families with children but can influence the property value of your home.

Economic stability of area – The economic growth and stability of the area surrounding a home can influence its future property value.

Property tax – Examine the annual amount of real estate taxes and other assessments levied on homes in the neighborhood you are considering.