Happy 2018, Los Angeles! Get ready to buy or sell a home!

Happy 2018, Los Angeles! Get ready to buy or sell a home!

2018 is off and running! And we here at the LA Home Girl Team are so happy to be in the New Year! Is 2018 the year you finally buy a house? Is this the year you finally sell your starter home and move into that home you’ve been dreaming of? Why not! Here’s some tips if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home this year.

Get Your Money In Order

Checking your credit score is essential to getting your financing in order. If your credit is higher, you could get a better rate on your loan, which will save you money on payments. Work with a mortgage lender you trust to get your pre-approval, which will tell you how much you can afford. A preapproval will be necessary when you start writing offers on houses, so don’t skip this step! Even if you’re selling your home and buying a new one, speak with a lender so you can find out just how much house you can afford. If you’re curious about how to get your financing and money in order, check out our video on it here!

Make A List

What do you want in a home? What does your dream house look like? Think about the things you’ve salivated over while watching HGTV. Write them out. Prioritize the things you want vs the things you need. Can you live without parking? Are you willing do to work to fix up a place, or do you need a place move in ready like yesterday? Don’t forget to include in your list the things that make you go “yuck.” During your home search you’ll see things that you can’t fathom living with. Don’t force yourself to love a house if it has features you hate! Make a list of your top three needs and top three wants. If you’d like some properties emailed to you, just shoot me an email at info@thelahomegirl.com and I’ll get you set up.

Selling Your Home?

Start looking at your home as though it isn’t yours. Fix the things that you’ve been meaning to fix. A fresh coat of paint and a meeting with a home stylist can make your home go from good to AMAZING! And figure out how your home looks against the rest of the market by getting me into your home to figure out your home’s market value.

These ideas are just a few of things to help you get started in your new home search. Whether you’re buying a home or selling yours, I’d love to guide you through the entire process. If you have a question about this or any other news you might have heard about the industry, I’m here to help. Contact me today!

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